Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kansas Republicans not thrilled by 3rd District options

The Kansas Republicans are nonplussed:
The Congressional race [against Dennis Moore] kicks off in two weeks at Kansas Days in Topeka, Ahner and Schwab head to head, is anyone else excited by the prospects of these two guys? When I think of strong leaders with real plans for the future, well right now Ahner and Schwab aren't exactly at the top of the list, but I remain optimistic, we'll get an update on that one soon enough.
I guess no one should be surprised that I tend to agree with that assessment. Actually, I have one caveat: Who the heck is Schwab?

Google News has nothing for a search on: schwab "dennis moore"

That ought to catch stories like "Bob Schwab is challenging Dennis Moore."

Stealth is not a good thing in a political campaign.

Anyway, what this says is that Dennis Moore's seat is safe. The sharp political minds looked at it and decided he was too popular and too well-funded to challenge.

Interestingly, it looks like the same calculation happened in the governor's race, where the challengers are not what I'd call the cream of the Kansas Republican Party. If they are, that really says bad things about the depth of the Party's bench.

Obviously, the (R) next to a name means something on down-ticket races, but for the House and Governor's races, it looks like Kansas is more than willing to give Democrats a shot, and people like what they see.