Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mmmmm Norwegian research claims that milt strengthens the immune system:
ACCORDING to a new doctoral thesis from the Norwegian research institute Fiskeriforskning, histone proteins from cod milt can make farmed fish more resistant to diseases. Cod milt contains proteins that are favourable for stimulating the immune system in fish.

It is desirable to use leftover raw materials from the fishing industry in good ways. Cod milt is one such raw material that is very rich in histone proteins.
It's a very raw material, sometimes know as fish ejaculate.

Update: This isn't news to some New York fishermen, at least:

Years ago when I worked on a vessel for the the Hudson River's Westway study we caught some ripe alewives and threw some roe and milt sacks into a frying pan in the galley. The roe was good, much like shad roe. But the milt was better, tasting very much like lobster.
There's a fortune to be made here. This could be the next "bee pollen."