Thursday, January 05, 2006

Portraying Jesus

OK on a grilled cheese sandwich, fine on the silver screen, not good on the small screen.

I think this comparison is not the one that works best for the AFA's case:

I think one of my first questions to NBC would be to ask them if the would consider a drama about a Muslim family where the father, an Imam, talks to Muhammad. Of course, we all know how Muslims feel about any images of their prophet. They consider any images of the prophet who founded Islam in the seventh century to be blasphemous. I'm sure NBC would feel obligated to not offend the world's Muslims.

They don't have a problem with offending Christians and their God, though. In fact, when Christians complain, they're mocked and laughed at even more.

What would happen if you had a portrayal of Muhammad that Muslims found blasphemous? Ask Salman Rushdie.

Does the Christian Right really want to compare itself to the Ayatollah of Iran? If so, fine, but if not, maybe this argument could be better phrased.