Saturday, January 07, 2006

Support people who stand up for honesty

A while back, Ohio's state school board passed some science standards which are so bad they could be Kansan. Eric Okerson is ready to stand up for science, but he's getting pressure to back down. Get in touch with him (especially if you're in Ohio) and tell him to be strong. RSR has the contact info.

As always, be polite, be courteous, and be to the point. The goal here is to support, not to harass.

The Ohio Citizens for Science note that the Board is meeting on the 10th, and ask people to contact the Board and the Attorney General (who is running to replace the incredibly unpopular Bob Taft).

The Kansas Board is meeting from the 9th-11th, though the agenda doesn't list any time for science standards, there'll be extra time for than now that they don't have to talk about vouchers.