Thursday, January 05, 2006

Suspend it!

Rep. Jean "Marines are cowards" Schmidt took some questions over the holidays:

At one point she called on an apparantly sypathetic blond-haired, conservatively -dressed cornfed Ohio man who asked a question that seemed to intrigue her: "I'm troubled," he said, "By this unwarrented wiretapping program not just because of the Fourth and Second [? -TfK] and First Amendment issues it raises but because the bad guys might get off on a technicality. That this might actually be aiding our enemies and my question is what, if any, do you believe are the limits of Presidential power in wartime and what is you duty as a member of Congress if those limits have been exceeded?"

"Wow!" she said after a new moon phase had come and gone, "that's a big question...privacy rights...(she seemed to cock her head for better reception)...we're at war...suspending the Constitution is sometimes necessary...if someone is going to attack us, we should know that and go after them..."

Sure, why not suspend the Constitution when it isn't convenient? What could go wrong?