Friday, February 24, 2006

The bill that would not die

Committee to reconsider immigrant tuition bill:
Members of a Kansas legislative committee will have an unusual opportunity Wednesday to recast their votes on a bill that would kill a law giving some undocumented immigrants a break on tuition at state universities and colleges.

Last week, the bill failed in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee on an 11-11 vote, which kept the issue from being debated by the full House. But the committee chairman said Thursday the vote was controversial enough that House GOP leaders asked him to bring it before the committee again.
Becky Hutchins, who cried when the bill died last time, is all smiles now.

Edmonds says that part of the reason he's doing this is that he hasn't heard from many people about this issue.

Phone: (620) 792-4121 Great Bend; (785) 296-7681 Topeka

Explain that giving people who are seeking citizenship, have attended Kansas high schools for three years and got into a state school deserve in-state tuition. Anything else would be unfair. Be polite and be to the point.