Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brownback's rocky road to the White House

The Anti-Sam, writing about a new Gallup poll, is surprised that Brownback Has 1% of Vote:
Frankly, I’m surprised it is that much. Senator Sam Brownback’s name recognition is still in the dumps and he is so polarizing that people who know who he is usually either love him or hate him.

What interests me about this poll by Gallup is not the numbers. This far out they are completely irrelevant. What is important is who is included in the poll. As you can see, Senator Brownback is the only hardcore religious conservative to be included in the poll.
Interestingly, Condi Rice polls below Brownback. Mitt Romney, Bill Frist and George Allen are all squabbling over the leftovers from Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Nate is right that primary voters will be a different sample of the population than what Gallup has, but it's hard to see that 1% dominating the primaries anywhere, not even Iowa or New Hampshire.

When does Brownback start questioning whether John McCain believes in Jesus?