Thursday, February 16, 2006

Courses I don't think I've taken in this life

Jeffrey Shallit says Courses Have Consequences:
Is it possible that Conestoga didn't get the new medical school because it has they have a history of offering courses that endorse quack therapies, such as HOLI8170 (Reflexology) and HOLI8120 (Therapeutic Touch)? Or because they have a history of offering courses that tout pseudoscience, such as META0110 (Psychic World), META0130 (Advanced Psychic World), and META0060 (Reincarnation - Who Were You?)?
I'm sure it's nice to have courses about metaphysics, and a community college might be obliged to offer courses in therapeutic touch and other holistic medicine if there's demand for it, I suppose. But an entire department for New Age/Metaphysics? For holistic medicine?

Don't forget that HOLI8120 is part two of a three part series on Therapeutic Touch, focussing on "how creative imagery, colour, and intensity are used with Therapeutic Touch to enhance the healing process." And that META0110 teaches you how to control your dreams (using only your mind?).