Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dahlia Lithwick explains the state of sex in Kansas

What "Is" Is - More fun with the Kansas teen-sex trial:
In short, over a two-week trial, four government officials have now offered five different interpretations of what abusive sex is in Kansas, and even that definition changes with time. This inconsistency perfectly illustrates the silliness of Kline's insistence that yet more state officials—rather than fewer—should be involved in determining when child rape has occurred. Doctors and counselors and nurses are pretty skilled at guessing what "abuse" is. But now they're supposed to figure out what "sex" is before their attorney general has figured it out for himself.
This is the stuff that makes Kansas a laughingstock. The state has real problems, and we spend our time fighting over whether well-established science should be denigrated in science classes, and our attorney general spends his days testifying about what, precisely, he thinks "sex" means, and trying to figure out if there's "penetration" when a girl give a boy oral sex.

Let's just hire Ken Starr to run the AG's office and get it over with.