Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I skipped some officially declared de-lurking weeks a while back, but I'd really like to know where regular readers are from.

I don't need real names, and I won't try to track people back using my computer mojo. If you don't want to reveal your name, I understand. I would like to know places, so if you want to leave all the other info blank in the comments and just put a place name, that's fine.

Feel free to tell me more about yourself, what you like or don't like about me, life, TfK, or the Moon. Damn you, Moon! Why must you hide half of yourself from me!

I figure I've got a few hundred regular readers, so I won't be satisfied with less than 100 responses.

Update: Wow! Great response. Apparently blogger is doing its "I'm magically eating posts" thing, so permalinks to this post may not work. Attempting to fix.

Update2: Success!