Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Glug, glug

Cheney Admits To Drinking Beer Prior To Hunting Accident. Is this why he didn't talk to the cops for 14 hours after shooting a 78 year-old Republican lawyer in the face?

At the risk of enraging Revka by (horrors!) quoting her, this is not a "ridiculous, blown out of the water story about Cheney." It's a story about Cheney shooting a man while possibly under the influence and hiding from the police for half a day afterwards.

Was Cheney sober when he pulled the trigger? Maybe. But he destroyed the evidence by hiding for 14 hours. If I shot a guy in the face, I'd wait right there for the cops to show up and investigate. I'd give a blood sample right away, and if I were the Vice-President of the United States, I'd damn sure tell exactly what happened to avoid any confusion.

Ted Kennedy delayed contacting the police for 8 hours after Chappaquiddick, Cheney waited longer.

It was a media frenzy when Carter's boat was attacked by a rabbit. This is not get "Big Time," it's how these things go. And the first rule of political folderol is that you don't hide from the press, because they'll fill in any empty space with speculation.

In other (non-drinking related) news, a Wichita Republican is defending her vote in favor of child rape (apparently this is how we have to talk about such things). Currently, there's no minimum age to marry, and 121 State House members voted to set 18 as the minimum age, though 16 or 17 year-olds may wed with permission of at least one parent. The legislator explained her silly reasoning, and the story will probably die down.