Friday, February 03, 2006

Jack Cashill

is a moron. I mentioned his latest moronery, but I forgot to link to a much more entertaining recent bit of stupidity. His view of how the working poor think is summarized as follows:

In praising Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's decision to cut Medicaid for 90,000 people (19,000 children), Cashill observes that "The unmarried poor run any number of health risks."

And the Unholy Moses asks:
So his solution, just like Matt Blunt’s, is to take away their health care … ?
Tony pointed out that "Cashill could be the most short sighted economist next to Ebenezer Scrooge."

How does someone become an accredited wingnut pundit? What lets Cashill be invited to speak to large groups of people while the ranting homeless have to hunt and scrape to assemble an audience?