Friday, February 17, 2006

Pat Roberts

In his apparent senility, Sen. Roberts declares he has a secret deal to revise a law he thinks is irrelevant. Will the deal meet his understanding of constitutional? Would any change in the law be able to bind the President from, i don't know, listening to any phone call he thinks is important without requiring a warrant? Does the White House think so? Does Senator Roberts? Does he still remember the letter he wrote about this? Does he remember what he said last Sunday?

How are those memory pills working out?

If EPIC succeeds in its lawsuit, the American people may get the enormous privilege of knowing which of our phone calls our government is listening to without a warrant.

And Iocaste, guestblogging at Majikthise while Lindsay is off in Amsterdam, notes that Senator Roberts thinks that Congressional oversight of warrantless spying is unnecessary, while Homeland Security officers feel obliged to investigate porn viewing at libraries.

Safer all around.