Monday, February 06, 2006

Phill Kline and the roots

Is Attorney General Phill Kline a plant? His lawsuit seeking detailed sexual histories of 90 patients at reproductive health clinics and his more recent battle over whether social workers are required to report evidence that minor children are engaged in "petting" are seen as red meat for his base.

If you look at who is writing about it, you don't see a lot of praise for his bold stand. The right wing is basically silent about his recent setbacks, not even bothering to decry the Kansas Supreme Court as "activist" for insisting that personal information about patients be removed from any records given to Kline's office.

Maybe I'm not tapped in deeply enough in Republican politics, but I don't know that these suits, or even his abortive attempt to sue over the use of Medicaid dollars to save lives (even if that means performing an abortion), are going to play that well in the coming campaigns. I down pro-life groups will choose those suits for their direct mail, or insist that breaching medical privacy be the next litmus test for their candidates.

I wouldn't be surprised if various pro-choice groups are all set to raise money to defend patient privacy and to mock the war on petting.

So I ask, is Phill Kline a plant? Or is he just so radical that even his base isn't behind him?