Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Polling illegal domestic warrantless wiretapping

Do you think the Bush administration was right or wrong in wiretapping these conversations without obtaining a court order? (BASED ON 492 NATIONAL ADULTS IN FORM A)

Right= 47%
Wrong= 50%
No opinion 3%

Based on what you have heard or read, do you think George W. Bush – definitely broke the law, probably broke the law, probably did not break the law or definitely did not break the law? (BASED ON 508 NATIONAL ADULTS IN FORM B)

Definitely broke the law= 23%
Probably broke the law=26%
Probably did not break the law=24%
Definitely did not break the law=23%
No opinion=3%
49% say the President of the United States broke the law, 47% don't think so.

Should the Senate hold hearings to determine what happened? I think those numbers justify hearings, regardless of personal feelings. If half the country thinks the President committed a crime, it behooves the Congress to investigate and either exonerate him or impose some sort of censure.

Call Pat Roberts: 202-224-4774 and ask him to support a full investigation by the Intelligence Committee.