Friday, February 03, 2006

Random Ten

Like this!:
[White Sox catcher] Pierzynski, crouched behind the plate, took a pitch to the groin. Rushing to his aid, trainer Stan Conte asked him how he felt. “Like this!” Pierzynski grunted, then savagely kneed Conte in the balls.
I Will Not Obey” by Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips from the album Fellow Workers (1999, 2:00).
Secret No More” by Soul Asylum from the album Clam Dip and oTheR DeLiGHtS (1986, 2:43).
Plateau” by Nirvana from the album MTV Unplugged in New York (1994, 3:38).
“Zibote” by Ernesto Djedje from the album Le roi du ziglibithy (2001, 5:52). (via Benn loxo du taccu)
The ugly and the beautiful” by Real Tuesday Weld from the album I, Lucifer (2002, 4:09).
Nuclear War (Version 2)” by Yo La Tengo from the album Nuclear War - Single (2002, 7:40).
Thermostat” by They Might Be Giants from the album John Henry (1994, 3:11).
“Bear in the Woods” by The Integral from the album Campaign Songs (2004, 0:55). (Link)
Light Of Day” by Bruce Springsteen from the album MTV Unplugged (1992, 8:17).
Living in the Country” by Pete Seeger from the album Pete (1996, 2:28).

And one for good luck:

The Modern Age” by The Strokes from the album Is This It (2001, 3:34).

Average iTunes ranking: 4.1 stars.