Saturday, February 11, 2006

Remembering Katrina

At the American Street, they ponder the Strange fruit, bloating in the levees, looking at the effects of poverty before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Then, what happened afterward?
We lost more American lives in that hurricane than were lost in 9-11. And Communist Cuba, which bore the same brunt of that awesome storm, lost just one life to it.

9-11 changed everything? Why didn’t Katrina change anything? When conservatives are more concerned about the threat of funeral orators than they are with 4,000 dead of the neglect, poor planning, buckpassing and falsehoods of public officials, then nothing has changed to support the claim that the state of the union is strong.
No Man's Land needs to be rebuilt and not back to a level were 70% of the population is not literate at an 8th grade level, not back to having the lowest median income levels, or almost the highest poverty rates.

If we're going to rebuild, let's do it right. Let's build great schools, let's make the destroyed cities accessible to everyone, with good public transportation, low income housing well-integrated into communities, and invest not only in oil pipelines, but in renewable energy. Make headlines like this a thing of the past for the Gulf States (I misremembered it as "Clinton 'Very Disappointed' in Mississippi," but it's Missouri).