Thursday, February 02, 2006

That'll solve it

Nation's Coal Mines to Have Safety 'Timeout':
"I am asking miners and management at every mining operation to do the right thing: Take one hour out for safety's sake," Dye said in a prepared statement.
The problem is that enforcement of the rules has been lax, not that miners haven't been acting safely. Inadequate communication meant that the miners at Alma didn't know when it was safe for them to leave, and they may not have needed to die. They were only required to have an hour's worth of respiratory support, and they couldn't receive the "all clear" for hours after the fire was controlled.

Maybe Mr. Dye should take an hour out of his day to decide how he can ensure that mine inspectors can detect and correct conditions that could kill miners. Maybe reinstating the Clinton-era rules that would have required multiple exits, or reduced the acceptable concentrations of flammable gases, or requiring that miners have access to more than an hour of air.

Maybe Mr. Dye should have spent more than just one hour talking to Congress about their concerns.

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