Monday, February 06, 2006

Things I, as a biologist in the Great Plains, would not know but for conservative blather

Via Brad DeLong, who quotes First Draft, who is quoting "Freedom fighters" watching Jonah Goldberg explain:
"Some [who] say that Native Americans were great environmentalists don't know history. Some think that Indians were like a Disney movie, with Indians talking to bunnies. The great plains used to be a giant forest. The Indians burnt it to the ground to hunt buffalo.
To which the conservative "Freedom fighter" responds:

Interesting. I am not entirely sure about the latter comment.
Brad DeLong suggests that Jonah Goldberg is stupider than DThe Stupidest Man Alive™. I suspect this may be true. He is certainly very, very stupid.

However, the people who watched him speak those words are residents of a prairie state. That they were not immediately and entirely sure that Goldberg is dangerously stupid and wrong shows that their battle is not with freedom, but with knowledge. Surely they deserve the crown, perhaps even more than those who invited Goldberg to speak.

Goldberg says of Iran:
"Iran is just a mess. I don't know what to do. Nobody knows what to do. … They are one of the most pro-America, pro-democracy country in the region. I think that probably at some point we are going to have to drop some bombs on some people.
Problem solved! Assuming the problem was that there was a nation in the Middle East with a pro-America public.