Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wah! Politicians lie!

Immigrant tuition vote typifies fragile Statehouse ties:
A controversial bill that would have repealed a law giving tuition breaks to illegal immigrant students was up for a vote in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, which [Rep. John] Edmonds [R-Great Bend] leads.

The tuition law is hated by many conservatives. "Illegal" is illegal, they say.

The initial vote was 11-10. The bill was headed to the House floor.

But then Edmonds voted against it, keeping it in committee. It is expected to die there.

Most were surprised. Edmonds is as conservative as anyone in the House. He voted against the immigrant tuition law two years ago.

But Rep. Becky Hutchins was shocked. In tears, actually.

"Now do you see why I want to get out of this place?" said the Republican from Holton.

The tuition repeal bill was hers. She knew the committee was evenly split on the issue. And she said she had gained assurances from Edmonds that he would help her if needed.

She is conservative, too, and often finds herself aligned with Edmonds. There is a cold shoulder between them now.

"This is the first time in 12 years when someone has looked me in the eye and told me one thing and done the opposite," Hutchins said, tears in her eyes.
All those stories about politicians lying are clearly false. Hutchins was in Topeka for twelve years and never, never!, did someone lie to her. Astounding. She was in tears.

The bill didn't have the votes to pass in the House, and rather than make a bunch of Republicans look bad, Edmonds preferred to keep the bill in committee.

Frankly, I don't see why people who came here without any say in the matter, are seeking citizenship, and graduated from a Kansas high school shouldn't get in-state tuition. It seems eminently fair to me.