Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why do Republicans want you to die of cancer?

First Senator Sam "Gill Slits good…" Brownback stands up for your right – nay obligation – to die of cancer, now Kansas Republicans want to undermine KU's Cancer Center:
A group of Republican legislators Tuesday sought to delay a proposed $5 million grant designated to help efforts at the Kansas University Cancer Center gain national recognition.

But the plan failed by one vote in the House Appropriations Committee as Democrats and a handful of Republicans turned it back.
The Journal-World's article explains that Barbara Ballard, Lee Tafanelli, all Democrats on the committee and "several Republicans, including Rep. Kevin Yoder" voted against cutting the funding. Who voted for it?

Here are the 13 non-Democrats who were non-mentioned as non-supporting the non-funding. Landwehr and Schwartz (and any other names in bold) favor the amendment, and 2 members were absent:

R - Bob Bethell - Member
R - Larry R. Powell - Member
R - Sharon Schwartz - Member
R - Brenda K. Landwehr - Vice-Chairperson
R - Melvin J. Neufeld - Chairperson
R - Mary Pilcher-Cook - Member
R - Jo Ann Pottorff - Member
R - Bill McCreary - Member
R - Becky J. Hutchins - Member
R - Bonnie Huy - Member
R - Bill Light - Member
R - Joe McLeland - Member
R - Shari Weber - Member
Why exactly ten of these 13 Republicans wanted to cut funding for the Cancer Center is ambiguous. It seems like they want to review more material, but it also seems like it's wrapped up in more general attempts to micromanage university funding.

If you hear from any of these mysterious non-Democrats, let me know.