Thursday, March 16, 2006

All About the Benjamins

Margie Hinkle writes to the paper, opposing abortion because of the Lost potential:
Abortion has come once again to the forefront. Some results of abortion should be considered. Consider the economy. There are fewer people to buy as well as to sell products, fewer people to develop products. This creates a chain reaction. Taxes cannot be collected from people that do not exist. Social Security cannot be paid by people who don’t exist.
It goes on with a conspiracy theory about master races and such.

What people tend not to realize is that up to 70% of fertilized eggs do not result in pregnancy. That isn't an effect of abortion, it's the natural rate at which fertilization fails to go to completion. By comparison, the rate of medical abortion is a drop in the bucket. The economy has not failed because of these effects, and letting a few women choose to end a pregnancy for their own personal reasons will not destroy society in the future.