Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Women's Day

Here's a not-entirely-random ten songs:

Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)” by Ryan Adams from the album Heartbreaker (2000, 2:08).
About A Girl” by Nirvana from the album Bleach (1989, 2:48).
Red Dirt Girl” by Emmylou Harris from the album Red Dirt Girl (2000, 4:19).
The Girls Want To Be With The Girls” by Talking Heads from the album More Songs About Buildings And Food (1978, 2:38).
Honky Tonk Woman” by The Rolling Stones from the album Get Yer Ya-Yas Out (1970, 3:06).
My Girl” by Otis Redding from the album Otis! The Definitive Otis Redding (2:57).
The Lady Don't Mind” by Talking Heads from the album Little Creatures (1985, 3:58).
Women and Men” by They Might Be Giants from the album Flood (1990, 1:46).
I Kissed a Girl” by Jill Sobule from the album Jill Sobule (1995, 3:13).
Fell In Love With A Girl” by The White Stripes from the album White Blood Cells (2002, 1:50).

Enjoy the day, ladies.