Saturday, March 04, 2006

The horrors of Public Education

Revka demands Vouchers!. Public schools, you see, are scary:
School isn't like it used to be when I was young. My niece whose parents are not 'for' gay marriage mentioned she thought it was o.k., after all, they love each other.
No! A child having her own opinions and supporting love over bigotry! What will those schools do next?

A teacher can go into a classroom in second grade and tell the kids we are destroying the rain forests.
Horrors. Telling children that we are destroying the rain forest. Never mind that this is empirically true. Why should that matter, when teachers won't answer a simple question about whether they would teach children hate given the opportunity?

I e-mailed my son's teacher asking what the policy is if a child comes into school with two mommies or daddies. Do they teach the kids that it is o.k. and it is a family just like theirs? I still haven't gotten a response.

My friend who sends her children to public told me about a Christmas play they had last year. They literally taught about Ramadan, and only mentioned Jesus once.
Jesus! They literally taught about a holiday that takes place in a major world religion in the part of the year when it occurs. We must have vouchers to escape from this radical approach to education in which you present facts and don't insult other people simply for being of different religions or sexual orientations.