Monday, March 20, 2006

More about Brad Patzer, son-in-law

Care of The Pittsburg Morning Sun:
Patzer said that he understood the wording [referring to evolution as a "flawed science"], and that it was important to make sure the science standards were based on fact, not "conjecture." Other issues, such as looking deeper at sex education standards were also vital, he said.

"I like the idea of knowing when somebody is going to be teaching my son or daughter how to put a condom on a banana," Patzer said. "That's something that is a little bit controversial. I think that's something that should be left up to the parents."
Or the streets, I suppose.

Patzer started teaching at Falls Christian Academy, a school which "teach[es] creationism and do[es]n't mention evolution."

As an economics teacher (his specialty at a later school) he probably didn't have to deal with teaching evolution or about condoms. Nonetheless, it sounds like he's fine with not having had to teach evolution in the public schools. He's only lived in Kansas for about a year, so any insights he might try to offer for Kansas schools will be one-size-fits-all solutions, not ideas based on the special challenges of the Kansas education system.