Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More letters!

Wichita Eagle | UNSAFE PORTS:
I was compelled to write this letter by news events related to illegal National Security Agency spying and the sale of the operations of major American ports to an Arab country with terrorist ties. I am perplexed by statements from the Bush administration that illegal NSA spying is so necessary. All the illegal wiretapping in the world will not keep America safe when an Arab country that provided two of the Sept. 11 hijackers is operating our seaports.

With only 5 percent of cargo coming into this country inspected, it seems difficult to believe that the Bush administration can assure Americans that their ports will be safe with the United Arab Emirates-owned company operating them. It would only take one container containing biological, chemical or nuclear elements to wreak havoc on a major metropolitan area.

With so many of the goods Americans consume coming through these ports and so many people living near them, can we be so reckless? It is imperative that Congress finally resuscitate its oversight responsibility and stop this egregious effort to undermine the security of the American people. The Bush administration's plans for these ports must be stopped now.

The Salina Journal and the Hutchinson News both ran similar letters by the same author.

Have you gotten published? We're trying to round up all the Roots Project's progeny, so send a link if possible, and if not, copy the letter you sent into the comments here and let me know when and were you got it published. Letters to the editor are generally considered public domain, so I don't think copyright issues attach. (I'm not a lawyer, though, so I could be wrong.)

If your letter isn't out yet but you think it will be, mention that, too.

In other news, a source reports that staff for Senator Rockefeller (the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee) say that some negative editorials in local papers left Senator Roberts tremendously stung, and reminds us that letters to the editor influence how editorials get written. If you haven't even sent your letter yet, get on it!