Wednesday, March 15, 2006


State Board of Education votes for opt-in sex education policy:
The State Board of Education today voted 6-4 for an opt-in policy on sex education, despite arguments from health experts that it would reduce the number of students receiving information about the dangers of unprotected sex.

In addition, board members said they would consider at a future meeting whether to require that local school districts use abstinence-only sex education.

"I don't like the message that says we know you're going to have sex, so here's the safer way to do it," said board member Kathy Martin, a Republican from Clay Center.…

Martin said she hoped to later tie school accreditation to teaching abstinence-only sex education.
Yes, the message that they should have anal sex instead of vaginal sex, and get pregnant or infected with HIV is so much better.

Martin voted against the opt-in standards last time, tying the Board 5-5. This time, she's decided to go with the flow. Sure, a bunch of kids will die, will have their fallopian tubes sealed shut because of untreated chlamydia. But Kathy Martin feels more comfortable this way.