Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Not Morons

The Fort Hays State University Faculty Senate rejected the ID Network drafted standards, resolving:

It is the role and responsibility of the scientific community to assess the merit of the subject matter taught in the science classrooms of our public schools.

As such, the Faculty Senate of Fort Hays State University does not support the inclusion of material, such as Intelligent Design, which has so far failed to withstand scientific scrutiny based on rigorous and verifiable peer-reviewed research.
They also endorsed the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science statement previously discussed here.

And the Science Subcommittee has continued improving the standards they wrote before the Board decided to scribble all over it, announcing a final product which school districts could use instead of the flawed product currently being edited to remove copyrighted material:

In 2004, the writing process of the committee was stopped in the middle of the development of the standards, leaving an unfinished flawed document. These recommendations are the recommendations of the majority of the appointed committee and reflected the recommendations that would have been made to the State Board of Education if the process had been allowed to continue.
These are good people, and should be praised.