Thursday, March 16, 2006

Passing the torch

Red State Rabble reports Iris Van Meter's son-in-law has stepped up for her seat.

I hadn't heard Brad Patzer's name before Van Meter stepped aside. While I join RSR in not jumping to conclusions, I'll bet money that Patzer didn't file without talking with his incumbent mother-in-law. He's likely to be the conservative candidate in that race.

He lived and taught in Idaho as of 2005. He currently works at the Caney Valley High School. I'm not sure for how long. Internet phone books don't list any "patzer" living in Kansas, which means he's either a very new arrival or unlisted. One presumes he teaches economics, which is what he did in Idaho, and he even won an award for it.

That's admirable, and having an award winning teacher on the Board of Education can't hurt. The fact that he's so new to the state may mean that his background on the special challenges of Kansas education may be limited. I'll try to find out more.