Monday, March 06, 2006

Republican Logic

Kansas Republican Politics declares that Barnett Opposes Sebelius Education Plan (I'm shocked!):
"Kansas is at a crossroads. Down one road is a real future with more funding for our schools, targeted tax cuts for taxpayers, business providing more jobs, and a government that lives within its means. Down the other road is the false promise of a state government on a spending spree, with higher taxes and state-owned gambling as the only way to pay the tab."

Barnett makes a compelling case that the expansion of government and the soaring debt load that unfunded government spending requires have hurt business development in Kansas.
So a school funding plan that would be paid for with expanded gambling revenue is unfunded government spending, but an increase in funding that will be underfunded because of tax cuts is genius? This logic is why I can't trust Barnett or his supporters.

That and the fact that they lie.

The Governor, well the Governor was busy at a Democrat Party fundraiser with Barry Obama this weekend and could not be reached for comment.
Governor Sebelius returned from the National Governor's Association meetings in Washington on Friday, attended Washington Days in the evening, then on Saturday she couldn't be around because she was attending the funeral of a National Guard soldier who died in Iraq. If they only tried to call her at 8:00 on Friday, what does that say about KRP's social life?

And why is it that Republicans have such a problem with Barack Obama? Fire Kansas Democrats, who apparently now oppose the Bush tax cuts, describe him as:

Mr. "I haven't accomplished anything significant yet but for some reason I'm already a Democratic icon because I'm a slick public speaker and I'm black" Barack Obama plays well with progressives.

Trust us Dems -- Obama's no Colin Powell or Condi Rice.
Indeed he isn't. He's actually served in elective office, and neither of them ever tried. In the Illinois State Senate, Obama reformed the Illinois death penalty to keep innocent people from being executed, he broadened the Earned Income Tax Credit, expanded health insurance to people who previously couldn't afford it.

And why should the only comparisons be to other black people? Hmm? Why does FKD assume that race is so essential? Why not compare him to Tom Coburn, also a first term Senator, and one with fewer legislative accomplishments?