Monday, March 06, 2006

Roger Pine key to blocking in-state tuition repeal

About 200 students in the public colleges of Kansas would have their in-state tuition revoked if a bill currently wending its way to the state Senate passes. These students graduated from Kansas high schools with good grades, their classmates all get in-state tuition, too. What makes them different is that their parents came to this country illegally. The children had no control over that, and to qualify for in-state tuition, must be pursuing US citizenship.

These kids overcame the challenges that all immigrants face, not to mention the special challenges of living in the shadow of the law. They are seeking legal status, and when they prevail, would we rather that they have a college degree or not?

Talk at Washington Days was that Roger Pine may be the key vote on this bill in the Senate. He represents Lawrence north of sixth plus a lot of the rural areas north of town, plus Baldwin, Eudora and Tonganoxie.

Get in touch with him and let him know that you'd like him to vote against the repeal of in-state tuition. The bill is HB 2615, and he should oppose it.
785-843-6949 (Lawrence)
785-296-7372 (Topeka)