Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Unpopular President

SurveyUSA polled all 50 states about their approval of the President. Only 4 states have majorities that approve, and only seven have pluralities that approve.

Kansas isn't one of them, 52% disapprove and only 44% approve. This is the first time since November that majorities in Kansas have disapproved of the President's performance. Approval/disapproval among Republicans and among conservatives is back where it was last November, the lowest in SUSA's sample.

Disapproval among Kansas Independents has been rising steadily, though approval has been steadier over the last few months.

But the real story is among moderates, who have whipsawed, souring on Bush during the Katrina debacle, then slowly drifting back, and then dropping the President like a stone:
Kansas Moderates, Presidential approval

Interestingly, his popularity grew in western Kansas, while it's really tanked in Wichita and eastern Kansas.