Thursday, March 23, 2006

Unpopular senators

In SurveyUSA's survey of all 100 US Senators' approval ratings, Kansas' senators have dropped in popularity. Senator Brownback drifted lower, but Senator Roberts tanked, dropping from 56% approval (nothing to write home about) to 50%.

This set of polling can be seen as a referendum on his handling of the warrantless wiretapping, since that's all that's put his name in the news lately. Independents flip-flopped, going from 48% approval (net approval by 16%) to 38% approval (12% net disapproval.) Independent disapproval jumped from 32% to 50%. Among Republicans, he slipped from 72% approval to 68%, Democratic approval dropped to 37%.

Moderates flip-flopped, going from 51% approval (37% disapproval) to 41% approval (49% disapproval). This is the first time in the sequence that moderates had net disapproval of Senator Roberts. Liberals were surprisingly sanguine, with a whole 34% approving of the Senator, 55% disapproving. Conservative disapproval ticked up while approval held steady.

The major shift in opinion was in Eastern Kansas. Interestingly, the area that got most of the letters from the Kansas Roots Project.