Thursday, March 02, 2006

What we have here…

…is a failure of civics education. In This Moment brings the words of Ed Gamble, the head of the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools to our attention:
What is needed is a new 'public' school system, one that is open to the public but owned and operated by the Body of Christ.
What we actually need are schools open to the public, operated by the public, owned by the public, and adequately funded by the public. We need teachers who are experts in the fields they're teaching, and adequate support for them to do their jobs without political interference.

If Baptists don't think their children are getting enough Jesus in their lives, that's what parents, churches, pastors, and lay religious figures are for. If they think other people's kids aren't getting enough Jesus, they can go jump in a lake. Preferably a lake far from any children.