Monday, March 20, 2006

Why do Republicans want you to die of cancer? (a multi-part series)

Excerpted from Bob Herbert's column about $1.4 million being cut from a federal breast and cervical cancer screening program:
This is just one program in a range of cancer services that rely on support from the federal government. As if immune to the extent of human suffering involved, President Bush has proposed a barrage of cuts for these programs.

"What's really amazing," said Mr. Smith, "is that the president cut every cancer program. He cut the colorectal cancer program. He cut research at the National Cancer Institute. He cut literally every one of our cancer-specific programs. It's incomprehensible."
I like to call the decreases in tax rates "tax deferral." We aren't cutting taxes, because someone will pay the costs, with interest. In this case, poor women will pay with their lives, and further down the line, we all pay with higher costs of treating cancer, and higher rates of advanced cancers.

It is incomprehensible only if you assume the President cares about governing for the benefit of society at large. Whether this, Katrina, the failure of planning and diplomacy in Iraq, the resurrection of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the massive unfunded mandate of NCLB, the godawful mess that is the Medicare Prescription plan … all falsify the hypothesis that the Republican party cares about good government is something you have to decide for yourself.