Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Clearly not

The DI declares "Darwin is a problem for Jews," an essay by the upcoming book Why God is a Republican: An Honest Look at the Politics of the Bible.

In the words of one review of the author's previous book "This tendency to get things backwards is at the crux of Klinghoffer’s argument."

Klinghoffer's problem seems to be that he confuses himself for all Jews (maybe even all people). He's responding to an op-ed titled "Darwin is no problem for Jews." That article is backed up by actual Jewish leaders showing how evolution and Judaism can be reconciled, making it counterfactual to claim that no Jew can support evolution. Yudelson writes that "The problem raised by evolution, said Rav Kook, was based on its conflict with the religious views of the masses, not on the inner truth of Judaism." Klinghoffer fell into that same trap.