Wednesday, June 21, 2006

3rd Board District Forum

RSR reports the Olathe Candidate Forum:
The Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a forum for Republican candidates for Kansas School Board from 6-7:00 pm on Thursday, June 22 at the Olathe City Hall, 100 E. Santa Fe, in downtown Olathe.

The forum is being taped for broadcast on Comcast Chanel 7 at a later date.

Incumbent right-winger John Bacon faces a challenge from moderate Republican Harry McDonald and Republican David Oliphant. McDonald, a retired science teacher has been endorsed by the MAINstream Coalition. He has pledged to return sanity to the state board.

Don Weiss, a moderate Democrat, has no challenger in the Aug. 1 primary election.

If you plan to attend the session, you're asked to arrive 15 minutes early.
These forums are great chances not just to force incumbents to justify their bizarre behaviors; John Bacon should be asked to explain his $500 reimbursement for a visit to a church meeting, and should be asked to account for Connie Morris' bizarre newsletter, the idiotic claims advanced by the outgoing press officer, and the hiring of an incompetent Commissioner of Education.

But they are also great chances to push these people beyond the normal sound bites. For instance, all the candidates at the Iola forum (Runyan, Shaver and Patzer) backed comparative religion classes, at least in principle. That's a way to have a discussion of origin stories, creationism, IDC, etc., in an appropriate forum.

Ask them what one issue no one is talking about that they ought to be. And send notes to TfK.