Friday, June 02, 2006

All the kids are doing it

Slacktivist posts the non-random ten songs following Pancho and Lefty in his iTunes, so I'm obliged to do the same:

Pandora's Box” by Tom Paxton from the album New Songs from the Briarpatch (1977, 2:33).
Panis Et Circenses (Bread And Circuses)” by Os Mutantes from the album Best Of Os Mutantes -- Everything Is Possible! (1999, 3:38).
Pannonica” by Thelonious Monk from the album Monk (1964, 7:23).
Papa Legba” by Talking Heads from the album True Stories (1986, 5:55).
"Papatya gibisin beyaz ve ince," a weird Turkish song I came across somewhere (possibly here, lyrics here) (2:33).
Paper” by Talking Heads from the album Fear of Music (1984, 2:39).
Paper Cup Exit” by Sonic Youth from the album Sonic Nurse (2004, 5:56).
Paper Cuts” by Nirvana from the album Bleach (1989, 4:05).
Paper Moon” by Whiskeytown from the album Pneumonia (2001, 4:42).
"Paperback Writer" by The Beatles from the album Hey Jude (1970, 2:16).

Average rating: 3.2 stars.

Shortly thereafter we reach Springsteen's "Paradise," G'n'R's "Paradise City," Dylan Thomas reading "Paradise Lost," Konono Number 1 playing "Paradiso," and Cesaria Evora's "Paraiso Di Atlantico."