Thursday, June 15, 2006

And there was much celebration

David Awbrey, hack Press Secretary for the Board of Ed, has decided to (as they say) spend more time with his family:

David Awbrey, hired six months ago as spokesman for the Kansas Department of Education, is leaving.

“I’m just not suited to the political climate, the animosity,” said Awbrey, a former newspaperman and Lawrence resident. He will return to Missouri to teach middle school social studies.

Awbrey said his main reason for changing jobs was to be with his wife, a college professor, and young daughter, who have remained in Springfield, Mo.

“It has nothing to do with the job; it’s the family situation,” he said.
Long distance relationships suck in ways that are unimaginable, but I'm guessing that Awbrey's decision was driven more by the fact that he has been unable to extract his foot from his mouth since being hired.

I join RSR in sending my regret to the children of Missouri, but I'm glad to see him go. The state deserves more that comments like this:

“It’s vicious,” he said, blaming both the right and left for the problem. “The State Board of Education has become a captive of the culture wars.”
The Board is the vanguard of the culture wars. They chose to spend time on evolution and sex ed, to pick fights over hiring an unqualified conservative hack rather than an experienced professional. No one forced that agenda on them, and for Awful Awbrey to try to present the Board as a ship caught in the storm is pure absurdity.

Fare thee well.

Farewell” by Pete Seeger from the album We Shall Overcome - The Complete Carnegie Hall Concert (1963, 3:09).