Friday, June 23, 2006

Apple affiliate

I signed up with Apple's affiliate program. If you buy an Apple product through links here, TfK will get a cut. TfK has always run on Macs (even when we ran all Linux all the time). A new computer that could handle MacOSX brought us back into the fold, and I've been happy with it. Linux was a big stability improvement over the old system, but OS X is stable, quick, pretty and easy to use, plus all my Unix applications compile on it.

With the newer Intel Macs, I'm told you can run Windows applications, too. I don't know what excuse anyone has not to abandon the dark side any more.

They've got a special deal going on right now for the college-bound. If you buy a new Mac for your child who's heading off to college (perhaps the lovely Mac mini shown below) and buy the iPod nano, you get a rebate for the cost of the iPod. It's a perfect synergy: you'd be helping to fund the blog that your student can read on her new computer to get more excited about biology.

It's a win/win.

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