Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brownback must be crying on the inside

According to Knight-Ridder, Bookies won’t set odds on Brownback:
Even California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger — Austrian-born and thus ineligible — gets 250:1.

But Brownback, the Kansas senator with the hot line to the religious right, the anti-abortion champion and global human rights advocate who’s already made several forays into Iowa?

Not even listed.

OK, his fundraising is low; his polls have slipped from 2 percent to less than 1 percent over the last year, but he’s got to be better presidential material than Jesse Ventura or Al Sharpton (both 1,000:1).

Even leftie filmmaker Michael Moore gets 7,500:1.…

“[Brownback]’s a billion to one,” said Danny Sheridan, the USA Today oddsmaker, who also doesn’t list Brownback. “I wouldn’t spend any time looking at him.”
His it takes a lot of ego to power a presidential campaign, we'll see how long Brownback's can carry him.