Monday, June 19, 2006

Choosing a governor

In SurveyUSA's latest ratings of the Governors, Kathleen Sebelius comes in as the tenth most popular governor in the nation. Her 34% net approval is a personal best in the SUSA polls, and a significant jump since last month.

Approval among Republicans is at 62%, and net approval jumped 6 points since last month's sample. Approval among Independents is lower, only 52%, with net approval of "just" 14%. Only a quarter of Democrats disapprove.

Conservatives give her 10% net approval, 51% approve. Moderates like Sebelius more than Democrats do, 74% approve for 52% net approval. Liberal approval dropped to 65%, for 36% net approval.

Western Kansas gives her 34% net approval, as does Wichita. Eastern Kansas clocks in at 33% net approval.

Meanwhile, the collapsing hulk of the Republican Party is struggling to pick the person to get trounced by her in the fall.

The KC Star's Buzzblog reports that the anti-abortion group KFL "felt that we couldn't really choose one [gubernatorial candidate] above the other." But:
the state's largest anti-abortion group did just that Saturday, opting for Jim Barnett and Ken Canfield. That left out former House Speaker Robin Jennison who's also considered anti-abortion.
Jennison is the more moderate candidate, and KFL's Board apparently felt that they "couldn't completely trust him."

It shouldn't surprise TfK readers that when I saw the three candidates at a KU Young Republicans forum, Jennison seemed the most coherent and substantive of the three, though I didn't necessarily agree with his positions.

And while the New Nebraska Network is kicking ass and taking names, Nebraska's Gov. Heineman is the second most popular governor with 76% approval. Missouri's Baby Blunt is tied for #37 at 42% approval.