Friday, June 30, 2006

Creationists backing Jesse Hall

While I've yet to get any response from emails and calls to Jesse Hall, emails about him seem to be circulating.

I heard a rumor, but RSR has the goods, an actual email from Celtie Johnson – a longtime backer of creationism in Kansas schools and an author of the 1999 creationist standards – that told her allies:
I've been told that if you must choose a candidate to support who needs your financial help the most, that that would be a toss-up between Jesse Hall of District #1 and Connie Morris of District #5, due to the unique dynamics of their races. Jesse Hall is a conservative, pro- life Democate [sic] who is running in the only "Democrat majority" district which is largely based in Kansas City, Kansas.
Janet Waugh is the incumbent, and you should give generously.

As I mentioned before, Sally Cauble and Tim Cruz are running against Connie Morris. Generous donations to those campaigns will help take back the Board.

The 5th district will be a challenge, so don't neglect the 3rd and 9th districts, where a I think a weak incumbent and a retiring incumbent, combined with more moderate populations, give the best chances of picking up seats. Janet Waugh need only hold onto her seat, and the power of incumbency is strong. But with the deep pockets of right wing Kansas behind her challenger, it's not a race to ignore.

Step up gang!