Thursday, June 01, 2006

Feminists and Global Warming

Spending after suffrageWhile Bora blames a few special feminists for the clear relationship between global warming and feminism, I blame Vox Day.
He's been warning us about the threat to democracy from letting women vote, whether from socialism or fascism, their predilection for divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity, and paganism, and their hatred for liberty and wealth. Were Vox to have pointed out that women are hurting the environment, you can be sure we'd all have been ready to join his crusade against the people with not-man parts.

In our last interaction, he pointed me to a truly silly article by the egregiously silly John Lott purporting to demonstrate the horrors of women's suffrage. Among the shocking findings:
The two consistent results were: allowing female suffrage resulted in a more liberal tilt in congressional voting for both houses, and the extent of that shift was mirrored by the increase in turnout due to female suffrage. The effects are quite large.
and, as shown in the figure reproduced here:
Granting women the right to vote is estimated to raise total expenditure and revenue by 13 percent on average in our sample.
Compare the graph here to Sean Carroll's graph of feminism versus global warming, and you'll see that not only did women destroy our economy, they also destroyed our environment. If only Vox and Lott had been paying attention to this vital spurious correlation, our lives would all be better.