Friday, June 09, 2006

Identify the crazed leftists

061105Flagburning 08Why does the Randolph, NJ VFW hate America? A year ago, was Bernie Biros, past Commander of Post 7333, celebrating the victory of gay-marrying hippie Islamo-fascist Mexicans?

No, no, no. He was burning flags collected at graves and that had been donated after being worn out from use. He was honoring the flag.

As Steve Benen points out at the Washington Monthly, the argument about flag burning isn't about whether it should be tolerable to burn flags, but about restricting some people from using certain non-violent acts to protest their government.

Flag burning, for the record, is a crappy way of protesting and should be avoided since it alienates people and undermines the protest. Protest is about changing minds and changing policy. Pissing people off doesn't do it.

Neither, however, does telling people they aren't allowed to speak in a particular way. Biros burns his flags to remember past greatness, others do it hoping to produce excellence.