Thursday, June 08, 2006

Identity theft = hangnail?

The Whole Wheat Blogger compares the theft of 2.2 million personally identifiable information to "a bad day at work, … a hangnail, or get[ting] stuck in traffic."

Unholy Moses offers some perspective:

the fact the VA waited nearly three weeks to make it public only compounded the problem—if they had made it known within a few days, the info would’ve been too hot. It’d have been like trying to take a stolen cop car to a chop shot – the risk just wouldn’t have been worth the reward.

But as it stands now, more than 26 million people who have served this country will have to spend the rest of their lives watching their credit reports more closely than Paris Hilton watches a line of coke go up Nicole Ritchie’s nose.
Yep, just like having a hangnail.