Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jim Ryun doesn't read the papers

Yesterday, a poll indicated that, for Kansans, education, healthcare and immigration are the top issues in the coming election.

Meanwhile, in announcing his re-election campaign, Jim Ryun says:
“The No. 1 and No. 2 issues are immigration and immigration,” said Ryun, who gained fame early in life as a record-breaking track star.
In fact, the number 1 issue in Eastern Kansas (which roughly corresponds to the 2nd district) is not immigration, but education. The number 2 issue (1% behind and statistically indistinguishable) was immigration. The number three issue (1 more point behind and still statistically indistinguishable) was healthcare.

In no sense is immigration so important that it gets slots 1 and 2. Ryun should stop running and let the oxygen get to his brain. Maybe even spend some time on education and healthcare, rather than worrying about the wording of the oath of allegiance. No one cares.