Wednesday, June 07, 2006


For clarity, at what point did RINOs start calling themselves RINOs. That is, at what point did it become acceptable to refer to moderate Republicans as RINOs in print?
I ask this because of John Milburn's hacktacular repetition of the conservative pushback against party-switchers, an article entitled "Charge unlikely from RINOs." An article about the chances of more Kansas Republicans switching party that manages to interview
  • No party-switchers
  • No Democrats
  • Three Republicans
And only one of those is anywhere near to switching, and clearly Andy Wollen isn't there yet.

I ran into a political player the other day, and he was telling me about a meeting he was at with Paul Morrison and Mark Parkinson, our party-switching superstars. Apparently Parkinson had been thinking about switching parties for some time, but actually planned to delay until after the election so that he could help his friend get elected AG.

I would have thought that I should verify this story about those two men, but if the AP's John Milburn can write an article about them without actually getting their comment, why should I go to all that effort.

Pober and j.d. have more commentary. And conservative radio host Steve Forman comments "I wish the RinoCrats would leave the GOP, so I would belong to a party I really believe in." The one that could really stick it to the gay folks. I mean keep them from sticking it to one another. Whatever.