Friday, June 16, 2006

More of this, please

I don't think Hillary Clinton is the best choice for the 2008 Democratic nomination. The reasons are too numerous to list, and not even worth getting into. I'll simply point out that I don't know anyone who is pro-Hillary, and I know too many people who are anti-Hillary.

That said, if she Asticks to her guns on privacy, she might make some fans out there:
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) delivered the opening address of the ACS 2006 National Convention with a major policy address on privacy in which she announced new proposed legislation to address the security of private information. Declaring privacy to be "synonymous with liberty," Senator Clinton called for greater federal protection for personal data from theft or misuse by private commericial actors, as well as great Congressional and judicial oversight over domestic surveillance and data-mining programs unilaterally crafted by the executive branch.
The point about privacy being synonymous with liberty is vitally important, and is most important because it crosses pointless political boundaries. People right, left, and center value privacy, and sensible legislation that protects privacy will make a lot of friends for Hillary. Maybe enough to make 2016 a good year for her.