Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Morrison has officially filed

Paul Morrison, with his wife JoycePaul Morrison, formerly a Republican and the district attorney in suburban Johnson County has fired the opening shots in the race against Attorney General Kline:
Morrison, who switched to the Democratic Party last year, said Kline was ill-suited for the job because of his lack of legal experience and “narrow” political agenda.

He chastised Kline for having let his law license lapse on three occasions and criticized him for seeking the medical records of 90 women who have sought abortions. The two health care clinics at the center of the dispute claim Kline is on a fishing expedition, while Kline has said he is investigating possible instances of illegal late-term abortions and child abuse.
He also has told me that he thinks Kline helped the conservatives on the Board of Ed. violate the law. In violation of the Open Meetings Act, Kline met with the six conservative board members and suggested he'd defend them if they put warning labels on science text books. Since he met with a majority of a quorum but met them in two groups of three, there was debate about whether he or the Board had violated the law which requires that any meeting of a majority of a quorum, including a serial meeting such as a phone chain, be announced and made accessible to the public.

The Shawnee county DA determined that Kline hadn't violated the law, though that determination hung on the fact that Kline himself was not part of the Board. The DA didn't weigh in on whether Kline had abetted the Board's violation.

When I asked Morrison about the incident, he remembered it clearly and was quite certain that it was a serial meeting and that Kline had behaved improperly.

Morrison has 25 years of experience as a prosecutor and as promised to return professionalism to the office of the people's lawyer.

Kline is a tough fighter and most of the Republican donors who are sitting out the 3rd district congressional race and the governor's race are putting their money into Kline's campaign. Give generously.